Asian food. One of my favorite kinds of food to eat. I’m not adventurous with it, but I LOVE it because you can use any kind of meat, nearly ANY kind of veggie, throw in a rice or pasta and call it dinner! Quick, fresh and flavorful. And then we found out my 6 year old was intolerant of soy. ::sad face here:: I didn’t think eliminating soy would be a big deal. Turns out it wasn’t….it was a HUGE deal because soy is in nearly EVERY kind of asian food!
Today my smile has returned, thanks to COCONUT AMINOS. It is a soy sauce alternative made from aged coconut sap and you can read about it here. It took me a few tries to find a store that carried it and it is more expensive than soy sauce….but worth every penny to me. So in celebration of asian food returning to my kitchen, here is a great recipe for Thai Crunch Saladthai crunch salad. I made the recipe with a few alterations. I didn’t use jicama and instead of putting the chicken and snap peas IN the salad, I sauteed them together with a little of dressing and served them hot, along side the cold crunch salad. I used cashews because for some strange reason, that is the only nut my kids will eat in foods and I opted for olive oil, because that’s what I had on hand. I also added a little red pepper and red cabbage. Yummy and oh so flavorful….and COLORFUL! Enjoy!